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Kisačka 21
Tel: +381 63 680 822
Mob: +381 62418681
Recepcija: +381 21 6616 594
  +381 21 500 190

Zlatne Grede 15

Ul. Kisačka 21
Ul.Zlatne Grede 15

Go anywhere but always return to Bela Ladja. In the most beautiful city on Danube, famous by sounds of the tamborine's golden chords, rich variety of dishes and people with open hearts, in the center of in the center of Pannonian plain is placed famous ship on dry "Bela ladja" (White Ship)


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Our White ship

"Bela Ladja" and it's crew keep their hearts and door open for everyone wishful of good food, song and wine, and for all people who are tired there is always a place underneth our roof to sail into the most beautiful dreams.